The Baby Bath Hug
Doesn’t your child deserve the comfort and safety of Baby Bath Hug’s baby bath towel? For a limited time, receive a FREE Baby Bath Hug mitt with your purchase. So order your special baby bath towel now!

The Baby Bath Hug Baby Bath Towel Makes Bonding Easier!

At the Baby Bath Hug Company, we believe that every child needs a bath and a hug. That’s why we created our special baby bath towel: the Baby Bath Hug. The Baby Bath Hug is actually two products in one. It’s a water-resistant apron with a handy, detachable towel that leaves hands free to dry and cuddle babies during bath time. The Baby Bath Hug gives you a secure way to hold onto little ones when they’re wet. So your baby stays safe, and you stay dry.

You can also use the Bath Hug to stay dry when bathing a toddler. Whether your child is a newborn, infant or toddler, bath time can be a special bonding experience. And our Bath Hug baby bath towel and apron can make the event even more enjoyable!

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Baby Bath Hug Apron
The Baby Bath Hug apron is uniquely created to offer maximum benefits for you and your child. Unlike similar products that hook around the neck, our apron fits over the shoulder. When you wrap your baby inside, the weight is evenly distributed instead of straining the neck. So wearing the Baby Bath Hug apron is extremely comfortable. And because of its “breathable,” 100-percent cotton fabric, the apron helps keep you cool inside steamy bathrooms. While most other bath aprons only hold infants up to 10 months, the Baby Bath Hug apron can be used with a child up to 40 pounds or even more. And you can use it beyond bath time. The Baby Bath Hug apron can make hair grooming, dressing and diaper changing times easier. You can also wear it to protect your clothes when doing household chores like cleaning and laundry.

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